interview with denis tidan tattoo  | St.Petersburg russia  18/03/2016

Hello Denis Tidan! Thanks so much for taking the time to answer some questions for our magazine. It's always a pleasure to talk with creative people like you. Not to mention the fact that not only people can get inspired but also learn so much. Talking of creativity, you have a really interesting tattoo style, so much to talk...

Q: How it all started, what made you to become a tattoo artist?
A: It was a long time ago, in 1995, when the first tattoo shop opened in my hometown Rostov-on-Don (south-eastern part of Russia) and at first I just wanted to get a tattoo. I wasn't going to be an artist. I thought, only few people could be tattoo artists. I started drawing sketches. It was completely unprofessional because of insufficient information about tattoo. There was no Internet and I couldn't get magazines in my town. However I started tattooing. It happened in 1997. My friends were my first clients.

Q: Your progress story?
A: My friends were my first clients. I was practicing with their help, but they were completely satisfied. I didn't have any coaches, high quality consumables and equipment as well. I was using what I had. Every time when tattoo healed up properly and colors remained bright, it was a small victory. Things changed for me when the first St.Petersburg tattoo convention appeared in 2004. I met experienced Russian tattoo artists. Since 2006 I begun visiting conventions regularly and even got a lot of prizes.

Q: How do you create your designs? Do you first draw a bunch of sketches?
A: From the start of my carrier I focused on realistic style. This style is considered amongst the others as a kind of "advanced aerobatics" I worked in my hometown until 2014. I experimented with different styles, but realistic was what I did best, because I had made all effort on this. But creativity is, and was the main thing in tattooing for me. I was always trying to find new ideas for creative work. And finally I found theme in 2015, when I already moved to Moscow. I moved there for one purpose-to find my style and I did it! I begun to make small cartoon characters and realistic origami as well.

Q: Is there any hidden meaning in those funny Mickey Mouse designs? To me, they look a bit sarcastic. :))
A: One of the first characters was Mickie Mouse. It's not a secret, that it's the most famous character in the world, I like old-time cartoons with Mickie. One of my favorite is Mickie's nightmare 1938. Mickie is funny, charming and multifaceted character. You can't help liking him. Maybe for this reason I chose him. However my talisman is Sackboy from the Little big planet game.

Q: Even portrait tattoos have a bit of caricature vibe there...
A: My style is turning even realistic characters into puppet version. I'm using photo editor for it, in order to get puppet proportion, but usually I'm trying to use the real figurines or doll. That's way they look so realistic.

Q: How people react when they see those funny designs? What reaction from a client makes you happy?
A: I like to study the reaction of people. When they see my work they're smiling. I love this positivity. It thrills and inspires some, with some it causes protest-but, as a rule doesn't leave indifferent. It's cool!

Q: Being a tattoo artist requires more than just a talent, but a total dedication and responsibility. What are some of your recommendations (before a tattoo session) you wanna tell to your potential clients?
A: Usually people, who came to me don't have tattoo and they know what they want. However there are clients with ill-thought-out ideas. I recommend them carefully consider the design before tattooing and I'm trying to inspire them to create a project for a sleeve or back etc.

Q: What are some of the funniest/coolest experiences with the clients? Any "bizarre" requests?
A: The weirdest tattoo I've ever done was Hitler. He was in uniform, but not scary at all. Understandably I didn't show it off, it's just a caricature, That's all.

Q: Where are you located now?
A: Actually I'm on a plane at the moment I'm heading to Holland right now. I don't have time to answer all the questions Tattoo shop, a resident of which I am is located in the centre of Moscow, but I'm traveling a lot lately, working on the guest spot and visiting tattoo Conversations.

Q: Denis, you're a Russian tattoo artist. As we all now Russia is full with talents, even when it comes tattoo art. What are some of the best buddies from Russia that you look up to?
A: I have to say there are a lot of world famous artists in Russia. Alexandr Okharin, Valentina Ryabova, Ivan Yug, Max Kornev and many other artists. Some of them already moved abroad and live there. The situation is similar in Ukraine and all South-Eastern Europe. It can be easily explained - artists are high motivated to make cool tattoos to get ahead and live better. It's not a secret, people in Russia aren't living a high life.

Q: Some of the best tattoo conventions you've been?
A: I visited a lot of conventions so far. I can make a special mention to past two- in Zwickau (Germany) and Milan. I saw a lot of world famous artists there and even met some of them. I'm planning to visit a lot more conventions this year. I'm sure it will be very interesting and exciting.

Q: Do you have any plans for the near feature?
A; I have some plans for the future. I hope I can change my style. I would have to make large scale tattoo and of course I'm going to traveling, meet interesting people, find an inspiration and please you with new tattoo. Hope see you soon. Thank you.