interview with Gabor Kanyuk | realistic tattoo style 02/06/2014 

Today we're going to talk with Gabor Kanyuk, a tattoo artist from Germany. His studio is called Spatz mit Hirn Tattoo.  He's also working as guest spot tattoo artist at Tattoostudio Nadelwerk, Dr. Kossstrasse 7 / 4600 Wels, Austria.

Hello Gabor Kanyuk! Thanks so much for taking the time to answer some questions for our readers.
Please start by telling us a little about yourself, and how you got into tattooing?

Hello Iva. I'm a 24 years old tattoo artist from southern Germany. Since I was a child I loved drawing and one day stumbled over a tattoo-magazine. While I was flipping pages I thought to myself: "I want to try this too!" So I grabbed a pen and started drawing on the skin of my friends. I was given the opportunity to watch over the shoulder of a tattoo artist. Shortly after I bought my first tattoo gun.

Q: Are you self-taught? When did you start doing tattoos?
A: Yes, I'm basically self-taught. I dropped out school and started tattooing about 4 years ago. At first it wasn't much more than a hobby, I tattooed myself, my brother and some of my friends who wanted a cheap tattoo. Haha! For me the most difficult part when I started was understanding how I had to handle the tattoo gun in order to achieve the best results. I pushed myself to get better and better every day until my hobby got professional.


Q: I bet that working as a tattoo artist requires lots of time and dedication. What kind of art interested you in the beginning, do you have any influences?
A: As a teenager I read a lot of comic books and tried to copy my favorite super heroes. I filled my school books with these drawings to the distress of my teachers. Even though it takes a lot of time I try to create space for photography and painting, from time to time I like to visit an art museum. This of course influences my work.

Q: Probably the best aspect of your work is your ability of creating illustrative designs. Seems like all of your tattoos are unique creation. Do you collaborate with your clients on the basic idea, or you're the main creator of the whole process?
A: My clients approach me with a raw idea. I am very happy about that because that leaves a lot of freedom for me to be creative at designing the tattoos. That way I try to give something special to every one of my clients.

Q: How do you get inspired? Any other art mediums you work on?
A: Of course I use my computer a lot. To safe time I compose a raw idea on a picture editing software. The rest happens with pen and paper.

Q: Your clients must be the happiest tattooed people on the planet! Yeah, Seriously! What are the funniest/craziest experiences with the customers? - Don't even tell me it's not fun to be a tattoo artist! hah
A: Pew, that's a tough question. It's a great job, because you have much contact with a lot of different people. One funny moment happened while I was tattooing a guy on his lower leg. He was really tired so he suddenly fell asleep while I was still working on him and he started twitching so that I completely screwed up a line. Luckily I was able to fix that and now I feed them Red Bull and some of my best jokes to keep them awake.

Q: People who are getting a tattoo, usually reveal their stories to their tattoo artists. Have you ever learned about life while listening to someone's story?
A: Of course there are a lot of interesting things to learn from the customers. The topics reach from "vegan lifestyle" to "how to fix a car".

Q: What reaction from a client makes you happy after finishing the tattoo?
A: When they reach for their purse - just kidding! Of course I'm really happy when their exhausted faces turn to a smile when they look at the finished work.

Q: I don't think that there is another level up of your tattoo art, because I think you've made it to the top! But have you ever thought to change something?
A: Thanks! I think about that constantly I like many different styles, that's why I try new things all the time. Like my personal taste also my style of art changes continually.

Q: Nowadays, there are lots of tattoo styles, new and the old ones got a bit re-fresh... Do you think that an artist should be recognizable for one style? What do you think that sets you apart from many artists out there?
A: I think every artist should have the goal to stand out of the masses and make his work recognizable. Only then his tattoos will be special. What distinguishes me from others is a tough question again. I think everyone should make his own opinion, but it's important for me to identify myself with every work I create so that I myself would wear it.

Q: What is your biggest challenge?
A: Apart from the long sitting during work it's mostly the office work I have to absolve. The creative part is what I really excel at and not answering mails that tend to pile up in my in-box.

Q: The every morning motto?
A: I don't really have a motto but if I had to pick one I would say "haste makes waste" might fit, because I take the time I need to get the best out of myself.

Q: People could be ruff, jealous, crazy, super-cool... As an artist, what are some of your greatest obstacles you face?
A: I can't really think of anything particular at the moment. I think I'm really lucky with my clients but people can be impatient, this can be arduous sometimes.

Q: Where are you based now?
A: I own a little shop "Spatz mit Hirn Tattoo" in a small village called "Sasbach" which belongs to the Black Forest and I do guest spots frequently, for example at the "Nadelwerk" in Wels, Austria.

Tattoostudio Nadelwerk/Austria
Dr. Kossstrasse 7 / 4600 Wels, Austria
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You can find me on facebook as Spatz mit Hirn Tattoo. Thank you!

Tattoostudio Nadelwerk/Austria
Dr. Kossstrasse 7 / 4600 Wels, Austria
Check out our Facebook Page - Tattoostudio Nadelwerk