interview with Heng Yue | Newassassin Tattoo、China 31/07/2018


 Q: How long have you been tattooing? What inspired you to start learning about this beautiful art form?
A: I have been in this field for 15 years. I chose to be a tattoo artist for being independent, flexible, well paid, innovative, challenging, and artistic. I will devote all myself into this, I can hardly feel what other jobs can bring to me.

Q: Was it hard to learn? What is your opinion on tattoo apprenticeship?
A: If you are inspired, innovative, with drawing basics and with diligence, you will be a great artist. Of course you have to improve what is short.

Q: You have very remarkable style. These days, seems like every single day there is a new style, many artists are coming up with new cool ideas, it is hard to create a unique "signature" style. Every tattoo you did is something special with so much depth in the design itself. At least, that is how I see it. Very nice composition, brilliant balance of black and white ink, that makes the final result impressive. How would you describe your style? Would you give it a name?
A: I name my style in two words, innovative and realistic. I like to present realistic feeling in my work by focusing on details and variation of bone, muscle, and skin, these are the very factor of my work. I also dwell deep into the tattooed skin and what the work inspires. I custom made every tattoo for each client. I believe this is why my works are attractive.


Q: Tattooing itself is not an easy skill to learn. How much the knowledge for tattoo ink and skin plays a big role? Are there any specific rules of applying a specific ink to a different skin type etc? Give me a bit of guidance here.
A: The relation between ink and skin is the most important part of the process. Different skin color and texture requires different kinds of ink. Of course ink works differently in presenting different styles. Proper ink make the work more attractive.

Q: How much experimenting is important for artistic progress? Have you ever tried something different than the style you're known for?
A: Trying is key to improve your level. I've always been exploring in different directions, absorbing different nutrition.

Q: Big tattoos like sleeves and backpieces can take 4-5 sessions to complete or maybe even more, depending of the complexly of the design, but when it's all done, I bet it's a pleasure for both, you and your client. Are this types of tattoos a big challenge (not just time & energy consuming) but at the same time a great way to really show off your skills even more?
A: Exactly, big piece is really a challenge to tattooist’s endurance and skills. But big piece is magnificent and is better a sense of wholeness.

Q: Tattooing is a job that requires love and complete dedication. The journey of self development as an artist and maybe as a person outside tattooing can lead you to many interesting experiences and teach you some valuable lessons. There are ups and downs, lots of competition and pressure to become better on daily basis. Anything you can say that you cherish about being a tattoo artist?
A: Well it’s hard to say, I don’t know how to answer this question.

Q: While doing a tattoo, customers usually reveal the story behind the design and the whole experience changes for both. Suddenly you learn about life struggles, coping strategies, love, compassion, victories of veterans etc etc. So many emotions that we humans have and express so differently. How much the good connection with the clients is important for one artist? Do you help your clients with some ideas for their design?
A: I look heavily at communicating with clients, as the tattoo is along with him or her for whole life. I must design their work based on their thought, preference, characteristics and their belief. I don’t give many opinions, I listen, and I design. Before that I need to know the theme, style, thought, inside, emotion and belief. After that I make a design, blend to the picture in their mind.

Q: Winter is probably the best time to get a tattoo, but seems like people are in a rush to get tattooed this time of the year. What are some of your best recommendations for getting a tattoo during summer and its aftercare treatment?
A: In my point of view, summer is better for tattooing as in summer skin is moist and elastic, and with better body circulation which is good for skin recovery, of course infection must be carefully avoided.

Q: After so many years in this job, what would you say to someone who plans to start tattooing? What's the best approach?
A: Be wholehearted to every work, with dedication, everybody can make it.

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