interview with james artink  | Sztorm tattoo Studio | Poland 20/10/2018

Hello James Artink! Thanks so much for taking the time to answer some questions for our readers.

Q: Did you have any artistic background?
A: Yes ;) I after plastic school in Poland.

Q: Was it hard to learn tattooing and getting into this business?
A: It was so difficult because in my country when I started, other artists did not want to share their knowledge.

Q: What type of art do you like? Do you feel inspired by some artists out there?
A: I like surreal art as well as general realism, there are good artists in the world who inspire me everyday.

Q: How long it took you to get on a level of a pro artist?
A: I do not think I am a professional artist, I'm still learning;) Currently, I'm up to 6 years old and I'm still growing.

Q: Today your work looks impressive. Trust me, I've seen many tattoos in my life, but your work is seriously something special. Especially the color tattoos. I think I need a double check to see if it's a painting or a tattoo! Yeah, amazing! How would you call your style?
A:I think that my style is surrealism mixed up with realism, I like in my projects to add other elements that together create something different.

Q: I think nowadays, as we live in a so-called digital world of so much media, constant pressure for progress and competition, how do you cope with that? Do you have any artists you look up to?
A: I have never thought about it, there is a lot of competition but I think that if the artist has a distinctive style, he will not compete because customers like to have something characteristic, where most artists only perform realism, I am inspired by many tattoo artists but I think the most important are Damian Gorsky, Ad Pancho, and Dave Paulo.

Q: Some will say being a tattoo artist is a dream job, you meet many people every day, you travel on conventions it can look like a rock star life. : ) Even though, yes, being a pro artist is actually a very responsible job that requires hard work and dedication. Can you point out some of the most rewarding aspects
about your job?

A: It's true that most people think so and are right, but you have to remember that these achievements required sacrifices, sometimes family relationships and many other things to achieve a high level of skills.

Q: Would you change something?
A: I change something every day.

Q: What would you recommend to those who are willing to try becoming a professional artist?
A: Work hard, focus on work, and fulfill your dreams.

Mr. James Artink Thank you so much for the interview.
Kind Regards,
The Skin Artists Team