Interview with lady lauren | tattoo model | story  25/04/2013

Hello Ms.Lauren, thanks so much for taking the time to answer some questions for our readers. It's a pleasure to share some of my thoughts with you! You look fantastic, honestly, your style is unique, sexy and feminine.

Q: What do you find as most challenging in being a model?
A: The 'haters' girls get jealous I suppose.. but I love every second.

Q: What would you say that gives most feminine note in your look?
A: My eyes and my long blonde hair :p


Q: Seems like you love to play with your look. Your hair style is something that set you apart from many girls out there. Do you have a stylist?
A: Noope, I do it all by myself.

Q: Nowadays, there are many fashion designers, shows... Do you think that this new euphoria actually gives people a chance to be unique or people are too dull and scared to look different?
A: Yeh I think it gives people the chance to be unique.. especially if you live in the city!

Q: What is the beauty trick you do before a photo-shoot?
A: I don't have one.. to be perfectly honest I usually get hangovers when I'm at photo shoot.. I don't take myself too seriously... I think if you have fun and enjoy yourself it will come through in the pictures.

Q: Wild, crazy, unusual, punk-rock style I would say fits you the best. What is your style? What music do you prefer?
A: I'd say alternative glamour for me... I like to look girly but, I also like my ink and my wild hair.


Q: Would you connect your photo-shoots with your personality?
A: Yes definitely!

Q: What are the most interesting experiences happened on a photo-shoot?
A: Every shoot is different.. I had a shoot once in London and the photographer stopped because he was craving a yoghurt... I couldn't stop laughing it was soo funny.

Q: Where is the "red line" between erotic and vulgar (cheap) on a photo-shoot?
A: You can't tell... If you feel uncomfortable and sleazy then that's the line. I do nude shoots, but I think I do it classy.

Q: What would be the dream photo-shoot and where?
A: I want to go to the states. I have already a few photographers interested in working with me. I just need the funds to get out there!

Q: Last year we saw your beautiful face on the cover of "Skin Deep", probably one of the highest ranked tattoo magazines. Tell me more about the collaboration.
A: I worked with the brilliant Scott Cole and the magic happened there.


Q: Is there any photographer you would love to collaborate with?
A: There a few in America! Get me over there!!!

Q: People could be ruff, jealous, crazy, super-cool... As a model, what are some of your greatest challenges or obstacles you face?
A: Jealousy from women, cyber bullying... But I smile at it, they hate it.

Q: In a few words, can you give a little advice to all new models?
A: Just go for it!! Don't let anyone tell you not to!

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