interview with Maksim Yalovik | Rock'n'roll studio | poland 14/09/2015

Hello Maksim Yalovik! Thanks so much for taking the time to answer some questions for our magazine. It's a great pleasure having the opportunity to share some of my thoughts with you. I believe your art is very inspiring to many artists around, let's start with some basic info about you...

Q: What made you to become a tattoo artist? Did you feel inspired by someone?
A: I was drawing since my childhood. The first tattoo I did was in high school, I didn't even think of it so much, but I was asked to do it anyway, because my friends thought that I was good at drawing. At that time I was already interested in tattoo art when I watched movies with heavily tattooed men, I wanted to be same, but I didn't become one of them :) I kept tattooing, there were some big brakes along the way and for me it was simple entertainment.

Q: How long have you been tattooing?
A: Professionally I started in 2009. I came to one studio in my city and I brought my portfolio. There were small tattoos I did on my friends. They were looking for an artist so It all started there.

Q: How would you describe your style?
A: I like the realism tattoo style, but not hyper realism. I work with small quantity of details and I love when there is a lot of black color in the tattoo. You had to notice that. :))

Q: Tattooing is very creative profession. What's your biggest inspiration?
A: My inspiration is to become the best and to be pleasant when they praise me.

 Q: When it comes to creative tattooing, custom made tattoos are the result. Every client is different so it's every tattoo. How do you manage your work day at the shop? Do you help your clients with choosing the right design, some suggestions from your side?
A: When my clients come to my shop we usually first discuss about the idea, then I try to work out the final design. Of course, I help, sometimes I argue, I prove and I'm angry, after all, good work is more important than money, I'm ready to be late in studio till the night, finishing it because it is interesting to me. Sometimes, there some clients that don't want to reveal themselves and it's quite hard to do their design but I find I way.

- Most memorable experience with the customers?
Experiences with clients made me cool. It isn't necessary to allow to manipulate itself. Often the client simply doesn't represent as his idea will look on a body, but insist on it. And if it is impossible to over persuade him, it is better to refuse work.

Q: You work at the "Black Dragon Tattoo Studio". Tell me more about the shop and how can my readers get in touch with you.
A: Now I work in Rock'n'roll studio in Poland. Black Dragon tattoo is my studio which I opened in Belarus few years ago, but I don't work there any more. The Rock'n'roll studio is a network of studios which are in Poland, Scotland, Warszawa, Katowice, Wroclaw, Glasgow, Dundee, Edinburgh, Southampton and Wyspach. I work in the city of Katowice, unique studio on own way. The friendly and easy atmosphere, strong artists with world names. Very often, there are artists that are coming from all around the world, working as guest spot artists. It is very healthy as in this profession there is no top point. You always study, from year to year you become better. When I look at other tattoo artists, I surely will see something new, technique or style.

The studio works every day
Poland, Katowice, ul. Warszawska 28A
Tel: +48 881774426

Q: You do great color tattoos, but the black & gray are also really great. What do you prefer?
A: Perhaps, all techniques, especially if the tattoo is interesting. But nevertheless, I like to work more in color. But more often I use gloomy, dark colors, I don't love too bright works, they look like animated cartoon. So even in color works I do all the same a few leaving in it is black and gray style.

Q: The best career achievement so far? What are your plans for the near feature?
A: My best success is people to recognize me as a good tattoo artist and working in Rock'n'roll studio. I won't start to do plans for the future yet, but I know that 2016 will be very saturated, good works and trips. I'm going to take some prizes on conventions and also quit smoking and pump up stomach muscles))))