interview with Oscar Capelas | realism  style | spain | 12/05/2019

Hello Oscar Capelas! Thanks so much for taking the time to answer some questions for our readers.
It's always a pleasure to share some of my thoughts with creative people, there is so much that can be learned so maybe some of our audience will find this interview inspiring enough to start their journey in this business.

Q: How long have you been tattooing?
A: I start tattooing 7 years ago, although I was connected with art since I was in the university. Art played a massive role in my life and tattooing is my passion.

Q: Tattooing is a technique that needs to be learned? Even people with drawing skills are not always meant to reach a pro level in this job. How did you learn the basics of tattooing, did you have any mentor?
A: I start making a course to lose the fear of tattooing, having in mind it involves work on a skin and the final result is for lifetime.
As most of the artists, we get involved with friends that allow us to work on their skin, allowing us to understand the complexity and to evolutes the art of tattooing.

Q: What type of art outside tattooing you like the most? Are there any artists you look up to?
A: I like many arts in different ways of expression such as painting, sculpture and drawing. I keep my mind open for inspiration even if they are not directly related to tattooing. Brings me inspiration and open my perception in terms of art in general. If I have to chose one artist, I would say Velasquez, no doubt on that. He can create a unique atmosphere and he is an inspiration to many artists around the globe.

Q: You have very nice style. I really like how you combine black and white ink with some color details almost in each tattoo. It makes the whole tattoo look more interesting. How much the knowledge of the inks play a big role not just while tattooing but even after the tattoo fully heals?
A: This combination or let's say to apply the colors correct it's very important to me. This is what makes the final result so great. Involves a lot of studying and perception, having in mind, art has to pass into skin and involves clients, with brings a lot of limitation when it comes to trying different colors or techniques.

- Do you give your clients some time for their tattoo to heal and then do the final touches or it can all be done in one session?
So I use what works for me, I have the understanding of how my mind and hands work and I try to keep it under my control, having the the final result already in my mind before I start anything. It's important to understand that after the tattoo heals you meet the client and evaluate the work and as any discipline of art, it is something that is a work in progress. I always inform my clients that we have to work alongside. The tattoo will be finished when it's perfect, one session it is just the start of a masterpiece.

Q: Portrait tattoos or just tattoo realism is a style that is very popular nowadays. In this particular style, there's is basically no room for any experimentations but it's required to get "as real as possible" capture the right facial expression and so on... But I love how you combine more than just one photo in one piece. Very creative. Is it all your unique ideas or you accept some suggestions and reference images from your clients?
A: It is important to understand that tattooing involves another person not just the artist, it is a moment that needs to have harmony between the client and the artist, where both parts need to give their best to make it work. From the motive choice to the area selected to be tattooed, the long hours that involves a tattoo session and so on...

Q: What details do you find as most difficult to work on while doing a portrait tattoo?
A: For me it is crucial the eye catch, the expression that needs to pass. It has to be original not a copy, having in mind that human anatomy is so complex (never flat as a paper) and it is alive.

Q: Progress is always a good thing when it comes to creative jobs, would you try a different style?
A: I'm always open to new styles or to step up another level, but it requires a lot of time and dedication. It is important to study every moment before taking a decision.

Q: What are some of the most interesting experiences with the customers? What reaction from them makes you happy after finishing their tattoo?
A: I have seen a lot of different reactions after I finish a tattoo. People get so emotional having in mind, for them it is a life story that we paint on their skin. From a big hug to clients that cry when they see the final result. For me it is a great pleasure to see that my art can touch so deeply. But the best when I meet them years after and see they are happy as the first day they got the tattoo. This is an incredible sensation to me.

Q: In few words, what are some of the best and most challenging parts of being a full time artist?
A: For me it is the atmosphere to overcome all limits, to reach my goals as an artist. Art takes a big part of my life and it is time consuming, sometimes taking away the normal family routine. This is the difficult part for me because I have all the support from my family and to give that back is really important. When I'm able to do this I fell realized.

Q: What would you recommend to any person who is willing to try their best in this business?
A: My advice is to be yourself, to work hard and be authentic, to achieve your goals, to study a lot of different techniques and draw. Having respect and harmony inside the studio is crucial. Travel as much as you can and apply all this experience to your art.

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Mr.Oscar Capelas, Thank you so much for the interview.
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