interview with Rober Garcia | Warhill clothing | Spain 03/02/2016

Hello Rober Garcia! Thanks so much for taking time to answer some questions for our magazine. You own a clothing brand called "Warhill" based in Spain. The spirit of Warhill is artistic and bohemian, whose source of inspiration is skateboarding and urban artists, trying to create their own style. To be honest, It's been like 5-6 years since I'm in love with the skate lifestyle, the vibe, the passion those guys have, the crazy videos they do, but also the clothing lines.

Q: When and how it all started?
A: The idea emerged at the beginning of 2013 when I went to visit my brother in NY, at the time Spain was and still remains in a deep economic crisis, so I decided to quit my job and bring to reality the idea of creating my own brand.

Q: Do you have a skateboarding background? If so, tell us something about your skate journey.
A: My experience with skateboarding comes from when I was young. When you start growing old, you leave it aside a bit, but I've always been related to the world of the skate.

Q: Your logo looks awesome. Who created it? Also, tell me a bit about the name "Warhill"
A: We wanted the logo to be simple and recognizable, so after playing around and thinking about something different, we decided to go with some geometric symbols.The name of the brand was equally complicated. We wanted a name that was striking and meant something. The name came up easily when we realize that we are all warriors hehehe, also it wasn’t easy to find the typography.

Q: Hoodies, beanies, sunglasses, I like everything you guys have in your shop! Not to mention the amazing skate decks and the custom t-shirts, It all looks so great! Who is the main creative designer in your company? Do you work in a team or?
A: The creative process is really important, we try different technologies, silk-screen printing, embroidery... We work in team listening all the ideas and looking for news accessories and apparels. We are a young team so there is always interesting inputs from all of us.

Q: Based in Spain, I guess a lot of muchachos like the skate lifestyle as well as being nicely dressed! hah Are you strictly based in Spain or you also get an international public eye? Do you ship internationally?
A: Nowadays it's easy to relate with people of any part of the world thanks to the social networks, but we sell internationally. We have visits of countries that surprise us how did they find us, also we distribute to local shops too. Think locally work internationally.

Q; I find skateboard design so unique. It's like representing the skater's personality, sometimes it could be music, art taste too... What is the main inspiration?
A: The creative process is important, our inspiration is the street life, create a trend of our own, looking for something that represent and symbolize the essence of every skater.

Q: Name a few things that make your brand different than the others? Any Spanish vibe? :)
A: What makes us different is the dedication and the fact that we pay attention to the last detail hehehe... We put so much love to our work. We are Spanish so probably you can see the Sun reflected in our designs hehehehe.

Q: Skateboarding is really popular nowadays, we've got lots of skate parks, dvds, even tv promote this amazing sport. Youngsters are crazy to try! Do you feel sorry for the new kids breaking their skateboards even in the very first weeks? haha Have you ever thought about selling some second hand skateboards? hahah
A: We have in mind a project of skate donations, people who get a new board could donate the old one for young kids to start, but by now it's just an idea.

Q: I see beautiful tattooed people promoting your brand. Awesome! How do you pick up your models? Are they also part of the skateboard scene in Spain?
A: We use as models everyday people and skaters that like our brand and we are charmed with the tattoos hehehe

Q: Do you promote your brand on some skate-related events?
A: We take part in local events, with skateshops and soon we want to take part in festivals and concerts, We like to go step by step.

Q: I love your video promotions. Which way you see as more effective online/social media or life-filming, let's say like a chill session in the skate park?
A: The video promotions are very fun and important. As you say they are the way to show our brand in social media and at the same time have fun :), It always end up with a few cold beers hehe.

Q: Who are some of the most influential skateboarders in Spain? Would you collaborate with some of them? What are some of the plans you guys have for the near feature?
A: We like to support young local talents. We believe in growing with the new blood and go step by step. The future could be from sponsoring some people we believe in or create actions in festivals or even make our own contest looking for the next Rodney Mullen, everything could happen.

Q: The biggest challenge in your job?
A; The biggest challenge is that the people know our brand. We trust our efforts and hard work, We like to take care of every retail, and at the end of the day our costumers will be happy and proud and want to tell that what we do, we do it well.

Q: Any motivational words for the new brand owners?
A: My advice is to be creative and for many problems that you’ll face try confront them with calm and cold blood and hopefully a lot of illusion.

Thank you very much for the interview it has been a pleasure to answer these questions!