exclusive interview with Shonda Mackey | tattoo life 07/01/2015

Hello Shonda Mackey! Thanks so much for taking the time to answer some questions for our magazine. Please start by telling us something about yourself and how you got into modeling?

Q: You have a very sexy, feminine style. Is there any person that inspired you to create that look?
A: Thanks so much! I grew up looking at Victoria's secrets magazines, I adored them and just creating who I wanted to be and what I like! Of coarse I get compared to Ms.Monroe from time to time and I love her, however that was mere coincidence.

Q: Your great curves are even more sexy combined with your tattoo collection. When did you get your first tattoo?
A: My first tattoo was at age 18; I had to hide it from my parents because I wasn't allowed to or I'd have to move out.

- You have lots of cool tattoos on your body. Would you say that getting tattooed can become an addiction?
I wouldn't compare it to an addiction but maybe a passion or crave for the art to adorn your body.

Q: I love the fact that you have some cool photo-shoots, where you almost pose nude. But, It all looks so glamorous. Who are the professionals that work behind the photograph? Do you have any favorite photographers, stylists?
A: I work with many people all over the U.S. Some of my favorites have to be Jim Paussa from Aspen,Co, Hugo V from California, northern Downpour, I Must Be Dead Photography and Loren Cutler from Arizona! I usually style all of my own shoots (to picky with my creative mind) but a couple MUA's I love are Lidia Win and Kerri Metcalf.

Q: Talking about the "outside" beauty... What details are the most important in order to achieve a sexy look?
A: It starts from within, with confidence! If you have that you can make even a trash bag look sexy! But I can't say a cat eye and red lips ever hurt anyone.

Q: Being a model is not an easy job, as it looks like, you gotta be always in shape, enthusiastic to work with so many people... What's the greatest challenge in working as a model?
A: I love to work with many photographers because I love to see how the different images will turn out, not everyone's work is the same, but I also love to eat :)) so I do need to workout to stay in shape!

Q: Name some of the people you're most proud to work with, actually people that helped you the most when it comes to promotion.
A: The Karma foundation was amazing, I attended a few Playboy Mansion parties with them as well as Wella Hair and All of the Magazines that feature me.

Q: You want to experiment with different styles of photography, clothing etc. Do you have any favorite fashion style?
A: I love hi-fashion, avant-garde, the strange and weird always fascinates me.

- What's your style when you have a day off, let's say like a personal style?
I like to keep it casual with jeans and a tank top but I love to dress up!

Q: Sometimes work could be a very fun journey. What are the most interesting experiences happened on a photo-shoot?
A: Hmmm well I think being in a tub will filled with ice cold milk is up there! Or being turned into a live photo is always cool! There's so many diff experiences I could go on forever!

Q: Where are you based now, what are some of the projects you're currently working on?
A: I am in Scottsdale, Arizona right now I am working on getting involved with more music videos (check out the band Killer Be Killed's music video "Snakes or Jehovah" to see me playing medusa! Other than that I really would like to get to LA and try my hardest to get in some films/tv shows.


Q: What are the big Do(s) and Don't(s) when it comes to modeling?
A: Don't expect TFP if you have nothing to bring to the table.
Don't go to a shoot when you haven't seen the photographers previous work there are too many scam photographers out there that will love to take advantage of you.

Do you make sure that you are not wearing tight clothing about four hours previous to your photo shoot it will leave lines on your skin in the photographs. Do what makes you happy and what you want to model most whether it's make up, lingerie, magazines or promotional maybe even runway whatever you want to do go after it with your all.

Q: My readers would be definitely interested in this... haha! What a model like you, would want from a guy? How a guy should look like to get your attention?
A: I think when a guy doesn't really try to go overboard with impressing a girl and is true to himself and what he is passionate about in life really helps. I am constantly judged on my appearance every day and I know for guarantee that it is not all about looks and it is also how they treat you and what is on the inside that really matters, kindness and sincerity goes a long way with me.

Q: What are your motivational words for the girls that are just starting out their career?
A: Everyone who has made it anywhere has had to struggle and fight and believe in themselves and stick with their true passion. There's so many people that will try to break you down on your road to success including those who are closest to you but all that matters is that you keep believing in yourself and you do everything that you can in order to make your dreams come true because you are the only one that is responsible for making sure that you're happy and that you're doing what you want in life. God made you look the way you do for a reason so embrace it and be the best you that you can

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