interview with Szymon Wrozyna | tattoo style | poland | 03/09/2019


Helo Szymon Wrozyna! Thank you so much for taking the time to answer some questions for our magazine. You have very interesting style, I guess you're a great inspiration to many young artists.

Q: When did you start your journey in the tattoo business? Was it hard to learn how to do tattoos?
A: I started something around 8 years now, after 6 months tattooing at home I get into one of the oldest shop in Silesia „Sauron Tattoo” where the owner taught me all the basics.

Q: What type of art you like the most outside tattooing? Do you have any favorite artists?
A: Nothing specific, I like everything that inspire me. From painting to sculpture.

Q: You have beautiful black and grey style, very detailed work. Do you consider this style as your specialty?
A: Thank you. Yes I think that’s my thing, love doing bng. When I started tattooing I was doing only color works, it was much easier for me at that point, but every time when I saw someone else works in bng my reaction was “wow I want to do that”. My adventure with shadows started around 3 years ago, from this moment I prefer black than color.

Q: There are many tattoo styles nowadays. We are facing such enormous progress in this industry. Lots of new artists, equipment, events etc. Seems like tattoo realism is getting very popular, many artists are trying to master this style. In your portfolio there are many beautiful portraits. What are some of the most challenging parts to work on while doing a portrait tattoo?
A: Yes that’s crazy what is happening these days, so many amazing young artists, so much good equipment that allows to develop so much faster. I think the hardest part is to catch the spark that represent each person, so you need be focused 100%. I think that’s why I like to do them so much.


Q: How much the knowledge of the ink is important, even when the tattoo heals?
A: I think is really important to know what tones will look like after healed, so you don’t put too dark or too light shadow in place that it shouldn’t be, or simply don’t damage the skin to much during this process.

Q: Do you have any favorite body parts to tattoo?
A: Oh yes, forearm is my favorite place that’s for sure. If I could tattooing only this place, that will make my days more happy. hah

- Some tattoos may take few sittings to finish, the longest tattoo session?
I don’t know to be honest, I never count the time. I love doing two days sitting, that allows me to be more focused.

Q: What are some of your best recommendations when it comes to choosing a tattoo design? Do you help your clients with some ideas?
A: Yes, I try to choose photos with enough contrast, so it will look more clean in the long run.

- Are you willing to do cover ups?
With cover ups it’s more difficult. If it’s something small then I can do it, but with something bigger it’s more complicated. I’m using quite a lot of skin tones, so I think my stuff are not the best for big cover ups.

Q: International talent can be very inspiring, how often do you visit tattoo conventions or just doing guest spots?
A: I do quite a lot off quest spots, once a month I try to go somewhere. With conventions is a different story. They are usually on the weekends and I prefer to spend time with my family, they are the most important, but I have few conventions that I want to go.

Q: Your motivational words for the beginners?
A: Keep being focused, don’t rush and never give up.

Please write you contact info and studio location.
You can find me in “Machinarium Tattoo” based in Katowice Poland.

 Mr.Szymon Wrozyna Thank you so much for the interview.
Kind regards,
The team