interview with Victor chil | Barcelona, Spain | Chill Tattoo 16/06/2014

Hello Victor Chil! Thanks so much for taking the time to answer some questions for our readers. You have a fantastic portfolio behind, I guess your art journey has lots of cool memories, let's start with some basic info.

Q: How did you end up working as a tattoo artist? What inspired you to get into this business?
A: I started with graffiti, with 15 years old and when I was 19 I started tattooing. One day, I asked the guy who tattooed me, Rafa, from Ronin Tattoo, how could I learn and start tattooing. He advised me about tattoo materials and places to buy it. I used to work with graffiti, and with this money I bought my first machine and started tattooing.

- How long have you been tattooing?
It's been 8 years since I tattoo.

Q: You work on many tattoo styles, do you have any favorite?
A: Personally I like New School, cause it gives me more freedom to create, but I also like realism because it relaxes me.

- I bet the color works is something you mostly enjoy. Would you say that color tattoos are more challenging to work on?
Yes, definitely. I think is challenging because you can express more and always try new things.

Q: I really love the new school tattoo designs in your portfolio. Since when the fascination for this style first began?
A: My fascination started with the Graffiti, that's where my style comes from.

- Would you say that all of your designs are custom made? Tell me about the making process? Do you use sketchbook?
Yes, all my designs are custom made. I always start from zero, I work on the idea with the client and then I prepare the design. If the design is something very specific, I start from one or several reference images, so I can get reference of proportion, colors and measures. If it's not a very specific design, or if its something I have already very clear in my mind, like a tattoo machine, I start from zero.

Q: Would you say that you're recognizable by your custom tattoos? Which leads the question, are you always into creating something new and unique for your clients?
A: Yes, I personally try to make different stuff and custom designs for every client, because it's what they look for when they come to me. And if the client let me, I try to change the idea, add details or different things as I see it could look better.


Q: Are there any type of tattoos you simply won't tattoo? Are you always supportive to your client's idea?
A: I don't do covers, retouch or continue the work of another artists. The cover ups I don't do because I work too much and I donĀ“t have enough time, so sometimes I need to chose. If I see the idea isn't feasible or its not good enough for tattooing, I recommend and advice, but If i see the client doesn't give in, I say yes to everything.

Q: I guess you attempt to improve your style even more. What's the next challenge you want to accomplish?
A: Yes I would like to improve, but right now I don't have enough time to create new stuff. I work everyday. But in one year I think about working on new styles, do something different.

- Would you try a new tattoo style?
Yes. I would try Old School, I see it very effective, quick and long-lasting.

Q: You're very popular on the social media websites. Have you ever been mistaken/or your work with someone else's work? I would say that your work reminds me of Jesse Smith (honest compliments Victor). How you handle the comments, the popularity? Do you feel admired by your audience and your tattoo colleagues?
A: Personally I think he is an amazing artist, but I believe that who knows and understands about tattoos will realize that this question is absurd, when there are thousand of tattoo artists that my work could much look more alike.

I appreciate a lot when people like my work, but in the end I need to pay my bills and tattoos hurts the same on me like in everybody else.

Q: How long your clients wait for their appointment, since tattooing is your full time job?
Please feel free to share some basic info about the shop you're working in.

A: Basically they need to wait about one year, because even though I work full time, I have too much work. Fortunately I work with friends and its a great environment at the shop I work.

Q: Getting a tattoo could be painful at times, especially on some extra sensitive parts of the body. How do you usually cheer up your clients when they are afraid to get tattooed?
A: I tell them: Take it.

- Any crazy/funny experiences on your mind, that you want to share with us? hah
When I tattoo my friends, with the hair I shave them before tattooing, I paste it with vaseline in their face and make them a goatee.

Q: Art in general is like an endless salvation from all the negative aspects in life, what is the best lesson that you've learned from your art journey?
A: I appreciate and value my job.

- Any advice for those who are starting out their career?
My advice for those who are starting now is to work hard, continuously and a lot.

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