interview with victor | Halfway Crooked | Clothing Sweden 01/02/2016

Hello Victor! Thanks so much for taking the time to answer some questions for our magazine. It's always a pleasure to talk with creative and enthusiastic people like you. You own a clothing brand called "Halfway Crooked" based in Sweden. The brand also includes some amazing jewelry design. Even when I fist saw some of the products on your page, I immediately wanted something for me! :) Everything look so cool, I'm sure Swedish people got a bit more stylish having your brand as an option. ;)

Q: How it all started? What was the basic idea with creating the brand?
A: Oh shit, it all started when I had my old brand with a guy and I hated the feeling to not do my own thing so I made HC as a side project and soon it became so much more.

Q: To be honest, I love the fact that street wear takes a huge presence nowadays. It's not just as a fashion style, but It also relates to a lifestyle. I see beautiful tattooed people, promoting your brand. What are you thoughts on nowadays street fashion?
A: I love modern street fashion but I hate the fact that it has become such a hoarding game with brands like supreme, people are fucking insane and don’t even care about the design anymore just THE FUCKING BRAND haha and no I don't own any supreme gear. I've always tried to find does small brands with crazy clean stuff that no one has.

- Is street fashion popular in Sweden?
Yeah its pretty big.

Q: What is your main target when it comes to promotion? Are you just a Sweden based company or you also get an international public eye?
A: I try to work my way out in the world but it's pretty hard when you come from such a small country like Sweden, but I know a lot of people on the other side of the ocean so I try to use them as much as I can.

Q: Your logo looks amazing! Who is the main creative designer in your company?
A: It's me and my sister in law mostly, but I try to incorporate with some close friends that work as tattoo artists.

Q: "Halfway Crooked", hmm what's the meaning? :))
A: This may sound pretty weird but I've always had the feeling that to be something, you need to be a bit crooked just to go the lengths, you have to to get what you want or be what you want. I grew up with friends and family that took it too far that got to crooked that they couldn’t stop. So my thought is that, being halfway crooked will take you all the way you want and still not fuck everything up because you want more haha I hope you get it.

Q: Would you expand your clothing collection outside of beanies, hoodies and t-shirts? Let's say like a "Midsummer" Halfway Croocked collection? haha I think that would be something totally new! hah
A: I’m actually working on something like that BUT I can’t say anything yet sorry.

Q: Can you relate the classic Swedish clothing style and "Halfway Croocked"? :)) How much your brand stands on "being unique" with a bit of rebellion/underground note?
A: Swedish clothing style is kinda hard to explain, the bunch of people I hang with, wear a lot of American ”street/skate" brands but they look like me with tattoos and stuff so it's hard to say for me.

Q: Beautiful Michelle Maron is one of the models posing for your brand. How do you pick up your models? How much the good collaboration and support form the people?
A: Yeah I know, it was just pure luck for me because I asked my photograph Linda Florin if she knew any good looking woman that would be up for a shoot and we got Michelle, she looks awesome. I’m so happy we worked together and I hope to work more with her. It means a lot, I get so inspired by people and I hope they get the same from me. I'm a really fanboy if someone inspires me, I get so hyped to talk with them and get to know them, I WANT THE WHOLE THING haha and it means a lot when people who inspire me support my thing.

Q: Tattoo artists will be definitely interested in buying some of your clothes and wearing some of your jewelry.     Please write your contact info/website so my readers can easily reach you.
A: contact info  halfwaycrooked @instagram  mail me about anything you want!

Q: Can we see you at some skate events or tattoo conventions somewhere is Sweden? Oh, that will be awesome!
A: Yeah I will try to be everywhere, but I have a spot at 50 shades of ink in Helsingborg in March it will be really fun.

Q: What are some of the projects you plan to work in the near feature?
A: I’m waiting on all of the spring line to get to my place and also working on a spring/summer lookbook video that will be INSANE with braceiller productions and trying to figure out what the next step should be.

Q: Any clothing advice for those who want to look unique but still stylish? ;))
A: To buy HC? haha
No but clean shit and accessories like rings necklaces some fresh nikes THATS the THONG.

Thank you for letting me do this :)
Take care.