tattoo Interview with Andrey Lukovnikov | Lutsk, Ukraine  20/05/2013

Q: What made you to become a tattoo artist?
A: My friends probably, they made me to become a tattoo artist. Back at school they were asking me to draw “fancy patterns” on their arms with a regular black pen and it was making them so happy – they were like: “You will become a tattoo artist some day!”

Q: How long have you been tattooing?
A: I am already tattooing for 3 years. My friend, who is also my business partner – Tymur Denysenko showed me how to use a tattoo machine. Now we are working together in our RL tattoo studio. RL stands for Right handed and Left handed.

Q: Why a tattoo artist? Was it your dream work, something that you've always wanted?
A: My dream was to become an artist and I became a tattoo artist, so my dream came true. Tattoos always used to get me excited and when I saw a really high level of making tattoos – that made me want to do it myself.

Q: Do you have any role models?
A: Yes, of cause. I like works of many tattoo artist and most of all -Dmitriy Samohin, Denis Sivak and Jeff Gogue.

Q: Your work is absolutely stunning. Seems like you enjoy doing color tattoos a lot. Do you remember when the impression for this kind of work first began?
A: I really like painting – mixing the colors, getting different shades. That is really magical, especially when human skin is a canvas. But I also like working with black and white, or using grays and some color.

Q: Portraits are probably the most remarkable designs in your portfolio. What kind of inks do you use?
A: The products I use for tattooing are “Intenze” tattoo ink and “Eternal”. I haven’t try anything else, honestly, but I am pretty satisfied with these products.

Q:  What kind of style is more challenging to work on?
A: For now, I am trying to define my personal style. I’m trying different things and experimenting. I like realism, but not plain, but with graphic elements. It is not hard to make a tattoo, it is just one of the drawing techniques. It is much harder to make a sketch for a future tattoo. I need to come up with an idea, create a composition and choose a color scheme. You need to have some fantasy and some brain for this.

Q: Tattooing is very creative work. How do you get inspired? Do you use some other art mediums to get inspired?
A: I try not to forget how to paint on canvas and on paper. But in general I draw with Photoshop using pen tablet.

Q: Nowadays, people are coming up with many creative ideas for a tattoo. What was the most bizarre request ever that you can share with us? Any crazy experiences with the customers on your mind?
A: Here in Ukraine people don't get too crazy with tattoos yet, they try to make a considered decision. But yes, we have some aliens who want to have an hieroglyph, that is really bizarre for me.

Q: Your second passion is digital art. Do you also work as a graphic designer?
A: Tattooing is my main job, but sometimes I draw illustrations for music album covers or advertisement. Drawing illustrations is different than making a tattoo sketch, you don’t have so many boundaries here.

Q: Artists are constantly making some changes in their style, technically and artistically. What would you change in your style? Would you start working on something completely different?
A: I have some thoughts about this, I will try to get better and don’t stop growing as a tattoo artist. I hope I will come up with some good stuff.

Q: Do you have any advice for the new artists?
A: Draw even more than you draw now, develop your personal style, learn how to take critic to consideration, keep an eye on professionals and believe in yourself!

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