interview with Eugene Knysh | Redberry Wroclaw, poland 31/10/2014 

Q: How long have you been tattooing? What made you to become a tattoo artist?
A: My first step in tattoo culture was 7 years ago. I made my first tattoo for my friend and it was done at my home. Before that I didn't study in any special art school, just tried drawing on paper, tried to paint graffiti, tried to copy some pictures by other artists. When I was at university I met my new friend, and he was already doing tattoos in that time. I saw how he was drawing and tattooing and I decided to try.

Q: Taking the fist step in every profession is hard, did you have any role models or simply people who helped you?
A: I was familiar with some guys who know how to tattoo, I was asking them about the whole process. Over time I bought my first professional tattoo machine and met with tattoo machine builder Stas Aksenov, he was so supportive and he helped me alot. After my visiting the tattoo convention in Kiev I got my first idols in tattoo culture. I could see how those guys were doing tattoos, and when I came back at home I tried to do it as they did.

 Q: Do you have any favorite tattoo style?
A: I like many tattoo styles, but now I do realistic style only and I try to do it in my interpretation.

Q: Color tattoos are simply the best, in my opinion. Would you say realism is the most difficult tattoo style?
A: It's more interesting for me and I feel more comfortable when I do those ones in color. But I think that all kinds of tattoos are very difficult If you do put some quality and do it from the heart.

Q: Seems like all of your tattoos are custom made. How do you get inspired? Do you draw a lot, do you use sketchbook?
A: Yes, of course, all my tattoos are unique. When I prepare the design I talk to my clients and see what they want. I use Photoshop mostly, but I also love drawing.

Q: How much the drawing skills are important in tattooing? Trust me I've seen lots of tattoo artists with good drawing skills but poorly done tattoos, and then it's just all un-logical to me haha, resolve the mystery, please ;)
A: I think every tattoo artist should be able to draw and to able to work on skin. To be able to draw it isn't enough, because the skin isn't a paper. You must have experience and enough time for understanding and feel the skin. It isn't easy, because every customer have a very diverse skin and every tattoo artist must to feel it.

Q: To be honest, your style reminds me of Dmitriy Samohin's amazing imaginary and expressive technique. Compliments ;) How long does it take to get one photo-realistic tattoo done? Do you set up more sessions or there are clients that want a tattoo done in one appointment?
A: Thanks a lot, it's pleasure to hear this, because Samohin is very great tattoo artist. Of course, I pay enough attention for every tattoo, accordingly my standard sessions last about 6-8 hours, this time is enough to work on the details. But a lot depends on the customers, if they can't handle the long tattoo session because of the pain, I'll take a few more sessions.

Q: Being a tattoo artist must be fun. You meet lots of different people, enthusiasts anxious to get a tattoo, but don't know what they want etc. How do you "handle" those situations? hah
A: We often talk via Facebook, when I finish talking with them I get my ideas, sometimes we work on the ideas in my studio.

Q: Tell me more about the shop you're working at and how long does it takes to get an appointment?
A: I work at Redberry tattoo studio Wroclaw, Poland.  We have a wonderful admin, she is booking dates for the customers and discuss with them about their tattoo ideas. You can make an app via Facebook: 

Q: After all those years of hard work, would you say that there are always some new goals to achieve, new challenges?
A: Of course, sometimes I find something new and interesting, I want to try draw or maybe tattoo in my future projects. This profession in which, you must learning every day and with every new tattoo. Every day you have new customers, with new and interesting ideas and you can invent something new and original.

Q: Any special motivation?
A: I don't have a motivation, I just like tattooing. And I know, that when I come to studio a customer will wait for me, and he/she will wait interesting project by me. When you like your profession, you aren't need motivation.

Q: Any advice for the new artists?
A: If you really like drawing, you can do it very good, and If you like a tattooing, you must try it. Now we have too much tattoo events in different countries, and you must go to one of those and see new artists and study it.