interview with Lena Art | Tattoo Art Karlsruhe | germany 23/10/2018


Hello Lena! Thank you so much for taking the time to answer some questions for our readers.
Please start by telling us something about yourself and what inspired you to get into the world of tattooing?

I was born in Tehran, Iran. From childhood, painting had been a passion for me. That's why I studied art at the university. I think anyone who can paint can become a good tattoo artist. I was fascinated by the fact that I was able to do a portrait on a body and it sparked my interest in tattooing. Since then I love my job as a tattoo artist.

Q: Did you have any artistic background? How hard was to learn the basics skills? Did anyone help you?
A: I was a painter and had studied art. Therefore, it was easier for me to learn the basic skills of tattooing and to be successful in my work. Without the help from Ren├Ę und Sabine from Tattoo art Karksruhe studio this wouldn't be possible.

Q: What type of art is your favorite? Are there any artists that look up to?
A: I try and I master other styles but Realism interests me the most. My favorite artist is Dmitriy Samohin but I have developed my own style.

Q: I like the variety of your works. You're very creative, I love when an artist is able to bring both color and black & white ink together in one particular design tattoo. All mixed up and nicely done details. In which type of work do you find more creative freedom? Do you think color work gives a more realistic note to the design?
A: I like when an activity is varied and can reach many tattoo lovers. I try to be very creative and I love it, If I, as an artist, can freely practice my artistic activity. But I think that the paint jobs give the design a more realistic touch but sometimes also black works are very expressive and give the design a strong and better note. It therefore depends on the design.

Q: Is is true that doing a color tattoo is more difficult? What details are the most challenging to work on when it comes to realistic portraits?
A: In a portrait you have to pay attention to many details. Everything has to be right from the first stitch, which is ultimately only a matter of technique. You just can not make mistakes.



Q: This job requires a lot of dedication and true love so the artist can reach a pro level. How much experimenting is important when it comes to progress? Are there any other type of tattoo styles that you're interested to try?
A: It was very realistic even when I drew and painted, and during my tattoo apprenticeship I could hardly wait to finally tattoo a portrait. When I tattoo I feel like I'm in another world. A world full of challenge and love. A nice moment for me is when the customers are satisfied with my work. Some customers even cry and hug me. Such moments are indescribable to me. As I explained above, I also try other styles, but Realism interests me the most.

Q: Big beautiful pieces like back, sleeves are always a bit of a challenge? When I saw your Japanese back piece I was truly fascinated. Brilliant work Lena! How much time it took to finish it? Who's idea is the design? Tell me more about the making process.
A: This tattoo took 8 sessions. Per session 6-8 hours. It was my design with a bit of help from Sabine and Rene in the studio. I tried to give life to the client's idea.

Q: Tattooing since 2015? Oh wow, this tells me it's not just hard work, but a huge talent. Many artists are trying to get better in time but for this relatively short time to get on this level is incredible! I must say that having the talent you have, will open many opportunities to grow as an artist. Would you try some different type of work in the feature?
A: I do not want to stop. I never stop learning. I'm always going to develop and try different styles. If you love something and it makes you happy, you have to be prepared for something new.

Q: Tattoo events such as seminars and conventions are a good way to learn and learn from many artists out there, or just to have fun and get inspired. How often do you visit events like this?
A: I think tattoo conventions are very important. You can meet many tattoo artists and get to know many tattoo styles. My team and I are trying to participate in many conventions.

Q: As an artist who is relatively new but very creative and exciting, I bet your story will inspire many people to try becoming a pro artist, what would you recommend? What's the best approach?
A: You have to love your job. I think talent is also very important. You need a combination of talent and effort. Without interest and love you can not be successful.


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FB: Lena Art
Insta: lenaartkarlsruhe
Studio: Tattoo Art Karlsruhe, Marstallstra├če 10, 76227 Karlsruhe / Germany
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Ms.Lena Thank you so much for the interview,
Kind Regards,
The Skin Artist Team